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Matos + Lovelace

Matos + Lovelace joined forces in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2011. Their creative synergy and mutual love of Drum & Bass and Jungle music was a powerful force that could not be ignored. Naturally, a joint effort was inevitable. They push the sound and work hard, playing some of the largest DnB nights in the USA, including Respect LA; Stamina SF; United D&B, Substructure, & Torque in Florida; BP², Natural Selection, NYC Jump Up!, and Konkrete Jungle in New York City; Sub.mission in Denver; Organized Grime in San Diego, etc. Matos + Lovelace have shared the stage with international artists such as Top Cat, Liondub, Heist, Sub Zero, Marcus Visionary, Cyantific, Total Science, John B, Lemon D, Dillinja, and much North American talent. In 2015 the duo also played their first international gigs in Costa Rica and Hong Kong, China, as well as a guest appearance on the mighty Matos + Lovelace take pride in their excellent mixing skills and unique selection flow that always takes the dancefloor on a powerful journey through the sounds of DnB and Jungle music, whether playing to seasoned junglists or fresh ears alike.

While living on Maui in 2012/13, they launched Destination Jungle as a platform for the sound on the island, hosting US and international talent such as Marcus Visionary, Ben Soundscape, Calculon, Tankman, and Jaybee. After relocating to the New York area in 2014, Matos + Lovelace also expanded Destination Jungle to a radio show, where they and special guests spread the sound worldwide. In 2015 Matos + Lovelace were welcomed in the renowned BP² crew in NYC. Now their creative synergy is going to the next level… the recording studio! Stay tuned…

Matos is an original resident of Camouflage NYC, and Lovelace an original resident of Sub.mission Hawaii, a subchapter of Sub.mission Denver. Lovelace is also a member of DnB Girls.