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Arietta knew early on that music runs through her blood. She holds over 15 years of classical/jazz training as a multi-instrumentalist. As a composer, and has performed, competitively and freely in various projects ranging from an acid jazz band, an electroacoustic duo, and various symphony orchestras, bands, and choirs.

14964239_10211005196154932_1979584758_oElectronic music came into the picture in high school and after her first set of turntables there was no turning back. By the time she was 18 she held a club residency in her hometown of Phoenix, AZ, and was a frequent Drum and Bass performer in the Southwest US underground. After a brief hiatus, in 2015 she launched her breakbeat project, Proper Thirteen, with DJ Louder. Their love for electronic music allows for the duo to offer an eclectic take on bass music always with undertones of their diverse, nostalgic musical history. Recently, Arietta has been hard at work on her first solo Drum and Bass EP anticipated by the end of 2016.

You can catch her on Junglist Radio the first Sundays of the month. Worship Bass with ‘AMEN Brother! Hosted by Arietta’ & special guest From 2-4pm PST, 5-7pm EST, 10pm UKT.


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